Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How To Quit Your Job In 60 Days

I quit my job 60 days after I came up with this system and,  I will tell you how you can accomplish this for free!! I promise if you follow the methods I'm going to tell you about, you will make money.  The methods I will be discussing will be using GPT sites also known as get paid to sites. This will broken into two sections the first below here will be tips and tricks and a list of helpful tools to automate the process and make you more money. 

 Then below there will be a  list of ten legit sites I've been paid from many many times and my review of the specifics of these sites.  How long they have been around, How they payout and what you can do to make money on these sites.  The second parts will be programs to speed up the process and a tips and tricks section. Are you ready to make some money? Let's go

Tips and Tricks

Before you start your gonna want to make sure you have all your cookies turned on and that your pop up blocker is turned off.  You get paid  with the cookies that's how they track you and some have pop ups and if they don't see them then you won't get credited. These sites send you a lot of spam so I would suggest
making a few different e-mail addresses, and as a side note if the same person has an add on

another site or on the same site and you use the same e-mail they wont credit you so switch it up :)  Also every couple of offers I clear my cookies so if I run into an offer from the same company this will also help credit your offers.  Tell your friends about your new found money maker so when they make money you do too.  Most sites off 20% of thing

your  referrals. Offers take between minutes  to  several days to credit so don't panic just check back in a day or so. Some sites allow members from all over the world some don't so just check to see. Most sites only allow 1 account per household so be careful they check ip addresses don't wanna get banned.  you can make a lot of money with free offers but the free trials is the cash cow here.  You may spend 1.99 and make 10 dollars . 

 Most free offers pay .25cents to 6 dollars or so.  If you do the trials use a excel sheet or word document to write all the info down so you can cancel the trial and not get billed.  I would also use a prepaid card like the walmart visa or something of the like, just to be on the safe side. I started out doing free ones and used the money I made to do trials but its up to you.
Hot Tip:make sure to go back to the offers page after you complete the offer and hit confirm some sites vary so just make sure so you get credited

Make sure to read the offer description so that you don't forget an email address or something and lose credit.  You may even want to take a screenshot for proof just in case.

ROBOFORM: This program will automatically enter personal information.  Also if you press alt and = sign it will fill all the no bubbles on surveys.
Junk Filler:  is a google chrome extension that will put in designated info or it will randomly put in info and it also randomly fill in those bubbles.
Paypal: A payment option which most of the sites except highly recommended.
Gmail: Great e-mail service, make a couple of these.
CCleaner: I use this to clear my cookies and it's very fast. voice mail so you can listen online instead of being bombarded with calls at home.

1. Treasure Trooper

Treasuretrooper is first on the top ten.  They showed up in 2005.  This one is alot of fun.  You can be paid doing offers,paid surveys, doing tasks.  There is a treasure map mission type thing you can make $100.00 when you complete it as well as a special dragon will also land you $100.00 bucks. Cash call is another great option you can call auto insurance and differnt companies listen to their pitch and land a couple of dollars nice huh? Minimum cash out was $20.00 they have recently went to an instant cashout so yay! You can be paid by check or paypal.  Average member make $25.00 + a day.

2. Cash Crate

Cash Crate is my number 2 to date. .  Cash Crate has been around since 2006 and have over 2 million members world-wide.  Minimum payout is 20 dollars. You can do  Offers,Surveys,Shopping and with referral program. The average user make $45 dollars a day. You can be paid by check,dwolla, or paypal
Hot Tip: Make sure to check in at cashcrate for an extra 3 cents daily do it everyday for a month and get an extra 50 cents.

3. Inbox Dollars

Inbox dollars is number two on the list for good reason.  Inbox has been online and paying since 2001.  This site you can get paid by doing surveys,offers,watching videos,reading e-mails,shopping, searching,playing games and much more.  Minimum payout is $20 and you can be paid with Paypal,Payza,Check or Amazon gift cards.  The average member makes  $31 dollars a day.

Hot Tip: make sure to go to your inbox dollars inbox and look for the confirm email button at the bottom, you usually get like 2 or 3 a day good for 3 cents a piece I think.


Points2shop showed up  in july 2007.  It is one site virtually everyone knows or has heard about. You can surf, do tasks,surveys,play games, and take advantage of their referral program. They have one of the lowest payouts at 5 cents.  You can be paid with paypal,liberty reserve or Payza.  The average earner makes $24 a day and you can cash out in 15 minutes.

make money


This is a great site that people love, love, love. The average earner makes $17 dollar a day. Everyone I've ever talked to about this site loves it.  Minimum cashout it a nickle.  You can be paid with Payza, Liberty reserve and Paypal.


6. Paid The Fastest

Paidthefastest is a new site that has been around for the past 1 1/2 years.  You can do tasks,watch videos,shop,surveys, offers and alot more.  The site has over 500,000 members.  Members are accepted worldwide. Minimum payout is a buck
amd you can be paid with Amazon gift card,Paypal,Payza,and Solid Trust.  Average earner makes $15 dollars a day.



7. Point Dollars

All countries are welcome.   They have been around for about 1 1/2 years. You can do offers,surveys,tasks,games and much more.  Minimum cashout it 2 bucks and pays with Liberty reserve,Payza,and Paypal. Half their members make $15 dollars a day.



8.Can't Beat Free

You can  do tasks,surveys,offers,videos and referring friends.  This site is based on points which convert to cash and withdrawn instantly with  Paypal, Amazon cards and Walmart cards. The Average member makes $14.00 a day.


Dollarsignup has been online since Feb. of 2011. You can do offers,tasks,games,viewing websites,referring friends and much more. all members accepted worldwide. Min. cashout is 50 cents and can cashout out with Amazon gift card or Paypal.  Average member makes $12 dollars a day.

Free Money at FusionCash!

10. Fusioncash

FusionCash pays you to read email, click on ads, take surveys, post in the forum, and more! they have an A+ rating with the BBB with average earnings of $12 per day. You will get  fiver dollars for signing up. You can be paid with direct deposit,check, or paypal.  Although it does have a minimum payout of 25 dollars.